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I go for a 90 minute massage with Joy EVERY week. It gets me through my work week, soothing the stress of my law practice. Joy's massage combines deep tissue work with a remarkably gentle touch. Her extensive knowledge of anatomy is particularly helpful.

Doug B.

Amazing massage today I have scheduled my next massage already...she used stones, pressure was awesome and did some cranial sacral work..I loved it, I work Graveyard soon as I got home I was out for an entire 6 hours...I dont know If I can wait another month:( professional, very comfortable and clean I loved it...

Melisha M.

As a connoisseur of Massage, having had thousands of hours during my brief lifetime, I highly recommend Joy as one of the Masters of touch. She feels through her hands the way all great healers do. 

Roark W.

Joy's Hot Stone massage is a true gem!!! She is a wonderful professional masseuse who has an amazing touch. The amount of care and effort as well as variety of techniques is amazing!! I would highly recommend Joy's Hot Stone massage!


I am in my sixties, have done massage work, and have received countless massages, and I have to say she is one of the best I have ever experienced. I float out of there is a state of absolute bliss. There is nothing like the way she does the long deep strokes with the hot stones, and that heat penetrating into the muscles. Heaven!

I was looking for an alternative to the “Body Shop” type of massage businesses. I found Joy's Hot Stone Massage online and I'm glad I did! The atmosphere was relaxing and peaceful and I instantly felt at ease. Genuine warmth and enthusiasm radiates from Joy, the owner and talented massage therapist. She asked the right questions to determine how to best alleviate my back and hip pain, and did a wonderful job including the use of hot stones at no extra charge! I and my back are very pleased with my Hot Stone Massage and will be back soon!

Priscilla N.

Outstanding massage!! I requested a 90 minute session that felt like 120 minutes. Great time management! The use of hot stones during a deep tissue massage made the session much more relaxing. Joy's studio was clean, organized and fragrance free. I whole heartedly recommend her as a massage therapist.

Todd S.

I live in Colorado and make it a point to travel to Santa Fe to get a treatment from Joy. Her technique works wonders for me. I strongly recommend the 90 minute session with the hot stones. Joy makes it easy to make that spiritual connection with which makes her treatment much more effective. Definately a special person and a special healer.

Javier R.

John D.

Jaum B. 

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